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Monday, October 26, 2015

Review : The Bath Box products, New Skincare Regiment

Mostly, I reviewed make-up products on my social media accounts, because my skincare regiments were from my doctor, which not every person can get. But this time, I will reviewing my experience using The Bath Box products. This is a local products, made from Indonesia and they claimed as 100% natural.
Looking at their ingredients, they used mostly natural oils. Oh, I knew this products from my friend who suffer from eczema. And she said, this products (especially the goat's milk soap) helped much for her and her family. Since I have a very dry skin and itchy, why don't give it a try?
I looked through their website and found out that they have quite range of products. But their concern is for those who has a problematic skin, such as sensitive, itchy, eczema, psoriasis, very dry skin, acne, etc. But it doesn't mean people who has normal skin can't use it.

For first trial, I tried Goat's Don't Lie liquid soap and I'll Be Perfect facial oil. Yes, I have an oily skin on my face and it's quite weird to add some oil on your oily skin. But if you use it right, this facial oil help to balancing your skin, instead of making it worst. Some people will experiencing a purging effect, but if you keep continuing, your face will be clean. And yes, I like this facial oil. It's balancing my face, reducing acne spots and acne itself, and my pores feel tighten. Use it when your face is still wet. Instead of rubbing it like they suggested, I like to rub two drops of it on my palm hands and tap it on my face. It absorbed much better than you rub it. You can't wish to get an instant result, however this products contained all natural ingredients, so you must be patient.
Goat's Don't Lie liquid soap helped me to calming my itchy skin. Those very dry condition make it feels itchy, and Goat's Don't Lie liquid soap moisture it well. 

After a good experience in a first trial, I tried another variant. Goat's Don't Lie Tea Tree and Ocha liquid soap which makes my acne skin feels better than before, Castille liquid soap which contained 70% Olive Oil which makes my skin feels more supple, Lemon Muesli facial mask that help me to reduce some pimples in a night, Strawberry Muesli facial mask that helped brightened my skin. And now I try Breakfast Porridge facial mask and Heartfelt body oil. Breakfast Porridge dried faster than Lemon & Strawberry Muesli, and since I tried it once, I can't say much yet. But the Heartfelt moisture my skin very well. Surprisingly, it's not greasy. I ever tried body butter from another brand and feels greasy on me, but this body oil wasn't. It smells like a body oil on spa, so I think I will use it on night at home.

If you want to know more about them, go check their website,, or their Instagram account @thebathbox, to read some review from their customers, and to know their new limited edition products. They love to make it often.

Rating for this brand is 4 from 5.


Monday, March 31, 2014

Concealer Battle : Revlon Photoready & Pond's Pimple Cover and Care Concealer Pen

My currently obsessed (well, not really) is concealer right now. Since I have a dark circle on my under eyes. I read many reviews about good & cheap drugstore concealer and I found that many people recommended Revlon Photoready Concealer. On the official website of Revlon, there are so many shades of it but I just can get Light Medium as a darker shade in the nearest Revlon store. A little bit lighter for me but I can use it as a highlighter too so it doesn't matter.
First time using it, I'm impressed. It has medium coverage and I found a shimmer on it but it's just a little and still can be used for daily.
While I'm impressed with Revlon Photoready Concealer, I found that Pond's already has a concealer too. And it claimed that not only covering but also care the pimples. It's only has one shade, it looks darker but when I swipe it, it's not as darker as it looks. And also, it's far cheaper than Revlon. When I try to compare their shade, it looks almost same, but Revlon looks like a yellow undertone while Pond's pinkish undertone.

Here's the pictures of them and the good & bad things I comparing them :



For now, I mostly use Pond's for daily and use Revlon as a highlighter.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Makeup Brush, do we really need them? My essential makeup brush

I know, I know, I'm too obsessed with makeup more than fashion. But it doesn't mean I'm not concern to fashion anymore. I'm just..well, obsessed with makeup for its magic to change our look everyday. And I spent many times browsing about how to, tips & tricks, something new about makeup, and getting crazy when I will attending to a party or event. I found many people suggested to applying makeup with brushes. It's reasonable to use brushes to apply blush-on and eye shadow. But then I found that foundation, concealer, and face powder can be used with brushes too. The problem is, one foundation, many types of brushes. Which one is the main brush? If we can use this one, why people create another foundation brush? Oh, I should hold on to something, I feel so confused!

taraaaa!! @_@

Many people suggested which one and how much essential brushes we should have. But then they adding this one, that one, another type, and those essential brushes getting much more than before. I'm the one who confused to decide which one I should buy. I don't wanna spent my money for the brushes I never use, of course. One day, my aunt gave me a set of makeup brushes from Masami Shouko. It contain five brushes and I just used three of them.

I posted them to Instagram and featured on Masami Shouko's FB page
It contains Powder Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Smudge Brush, Eyebrow Comb, Lip Brush and Eyeliner Brush. Since my eyeliner has their own brushes, my eyeshadow has their own sponge/brushes, and I like to apply lipstick directly to my lips without brush, so I just used powder brush, smudge brush and eyebrow comb. But then I was curious with foundation brush. How does it looks when I applying my foundation with brush, instead of my fingertips. So I bought one foundation brush from Tammia, the one like this :

First time trying this brush, I applied my BB cream and ended with full BB cream on my face, not a perfect suggestion for everyday use. And I found oh-so-many foundation brushes types. Stippling, Buffing, Kabuki, etc. Why they created many types of this brush for just one product? Then, I found this :

Source : 
Different type, different result. And I'm happy that I have those foundation brush for a full coverage, since I want a full coverage to attend an engagement party this Saturday.

From my experiences, here I can say which brush I should have, according to my needs :

  • Powder / Blush Brush. Sometimes, applying face powder with puff is too much for me, I just need a dust of it, just to reduce the shine on my face, and to blend my face powder, blush, and contour all together. One brush for all.
  • Eye shadow Brush. My eye shadow comes together with dome sponge, but I don't like it much. Seems like they too much on the sponge and gone when applied on my lid. Eye shadow brush gives those powder I need on my lid and can be used to blend and smudge the colors too. 
  • Eyebrow Comb & Brush. I always comb my eyebrow before fill it in with the brush. And brush it again upward after fill in my brow.
  • Foundation Brush. I used it for a full coverage base on my face. Paint and dab motion will reduce the streaks so the foundation will blend perfectly on the face.
So far, those are my essential makeup brush. It's important for us to know what we really need before buy something rather than buy something just because curiosity and ended with useless tools and just make our makeup pouch overfull. And of course, it makes us can spent our money to buy another useful things that we really need. Sometimes, different type of brushes, can give a same result.

Share to me, what is your essential makeup brush?


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Beauty Trend Obsession : Orange Lips! My Orange Lipstick Collection

Many years ago, people are stuck with red and pink lipstick for daily use (or it's just my family?). I remember that I often played with my mother's red lipstick and remove it quickly and messy when I heard my mother went home. My aunty wear a red lipstick too for daily so it seems like red lipstick is a common color for a lips. And one day I saw a woman wear an orange lipstick and I thought orange lipstick is match only for a villagers ( was really, only a villagers that wear orange for their lips).

Then I grow up and started to love makeup and pay attention to the trends, but feel comfortable with nude and nude pink for daily use because I think I look younger (or match with my age) with them, then I read those beauty trend reports. As a headline on some online/print magazine, orange lipstick as trend right now, and I thought : WHAT??? But the shades of those fresh and juicy colors on the lips are really adorable, and look sophisticated. It's removing my own stereotype in my mind and I start to obsessed to search a perfect orange shade for me.

And I told you, it's not that easy! Since Indonesia has no many option for makeup brands, especially in orange shades (we still love red, pink and nude colors). And my lips is sensitive! So I only have three choices for makeup brands : Revlon, Maybelline, Wardah. My skin is in medium tone, but with a dark color of lips. So when I applied a bright color on my lips, it will turn to be a little warm after some minutes.

First time bought orange lipstick from Maybelline, after looked for some review, I bought it from drugstore, named Cosy Tangerine. Unfortunately, it appears coral on me. And I only knew one orange shade from Wardah, Wardah Matte Lipstick no. 4, Orange. Without tried before, I just bought it. Thought that it will look orange just like it name. But when I tried at home,'s an orange-red! Not a daily use for me. Feel like wasting money, I gave it to my mother. And you know what, it appears real orange on her! Gah!!

Then, feel confused, I was looked for some review about orange lipstick on internet. Surprisingly, I found a funny review, Wardah Matte Lipstick no. 17 named Gorgeous Pink but the shade is bright orange! Hurry goes to makeup store, found it, and love it! So far, this is the orange shade that really closest to my wish. But still curious, I looked for another shade and try to find another from Revlon. What a shame, my town is really left behind from the trend. Not only for the colors but also for some collections. So I don't have many choices. Then I found this Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick "Orange Flip". The stick looks orange, but on my lips, it appears orange-red. Sigh....

Swatches on my lips at night with a low light in a room
Swatches in the morning with a natural light
a. Wardah Matte "Gorgeous Pink" ; b. Maybelline Color Sensational "Cosy Tangerine" ;
c. Wardah Matte "Orange" ;d. Revlon Moon Drops "Orange Flip"
So far, this is what I found for orange shades. One day I have a chance, I'm pretty sure I will looking for another orange lipstick that reaaly match with my wish. Like this :

It's Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid "Electric Orange". It's real orange for me. Unfortunately, those collection didn't logged in yet to Indonesia (don't suggest me to buy it online, I don't like how impatient I am, waiting for the thing comes to me while I already pay it. I like to pay-then-grab immediately). Wish for another luck someday.

Oh, here's my little review about these four lipsticks :

Wardah Matte Lipstick no. 4 "Orange"
  • Not a real matte texture. you don't need more lipbalm before applying this lipstick, it's quite moisturize.
  • Appears orange-red to me, can be an option for a "red look" because I couldn't find a perfect red colors for my lips. So far, this is the best red colors match to my skin.
  • Not really long lasting. It's gone after I drink or eat, need to re-apply after it.
  • Smells good, but not disturbing.
Wardah Matte Lipstick no. 17, "Gorgeous Pink"
  • It feels more matte than Wardah no.4 "Orange". Sometimes I need to apply lipbalm before apply this one. But not drying my lips.
  • Although it named pink, it appears bright orange to me and become more a hint of orange after some minutes. Perfect for my daily use.
  • It's a little bit gone after I drink/eat. But still look good without re-apply.
Maybelline Color Sensational, "Cosy Tangerine"
  • Smells an orange, more like an orang candy. Tasty!
  • It appears coral for me
  • Really moisturizing, no need lipbalm before
Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick, "Orange Flip"
  • Feel moisturize my lips
  • It appears orange-red for me, but I choose tis one better than Wardah Matte Lipstick no.4 "Orange" for a red look. This is look more pretty to me.

So, do you have an experience with orange lipstick? Tell me your stories!!


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Maybelline Eyestudio Hyper Glossy Runway Pop Color Liner in Hot Pink and How Do I Wear It

Gah! What a long name for a liner! I was so curious with this color liner since this is the first color liner that easy to find here at Indonesia, and also color liner start to become a trend right now. I thought this one worth it to try. So I decide to bought one. I was so excited to choose at Maybelline booth and confused between the pink one or the orange one for daily. I thought that the orange was too bright and pop for daily use, I choose this pink color (and because I have a lot of pink outfit in my closet. So, here I am with my opinion about this product and see how do I use it.

Step by step I created those simple pink look
  1. See my bare face. Actually I already applied my BB stick.
  2. Using Maybelline Eyestudio Crayon Liner in Black, I made a super thin liner on the upper eyelid.
  3. Then here is the pink! I made two strokes to make it pop.
  4. Applying Maybelline Volum' Express The Magnum Mascara
  5. Add some blush with Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Pink Frosting (I love this so much!!)
  6. Apply Maybelline Baby Lips Color in Cherry Kiss
  7. Finish!
Although I like this pink liner for it's cute color, I feel a little sad for it's look after some hours. No, it's not gone, it's still there on my lids, but it doesn't look sleek like a liquid liner should appear. Yes, it does dry quickly but look....not sleek (oh, I can't find the perfect word to say that). Just look at how does it look on my lid after 4 hours :

But so far, this liner can be a fun option if you bored with your eyeshadow routine. And these are the products I used in this look, very simple :


However, this color liner still worth it to try. So, do you wanna try?